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A Flirty IM Convo

[10:24] Manly: cool buns
[10:24] Ruby: lol
[10:24] Ruby shakes them in your face
[10:25] Manly: cute
[10:25] Manly rubs his head in em
[10:25] Ruby laughs out loud in rl
[10:26] Manly laughs out loud in rl at you laughing out loud in rl
[10:26] Manly buries his head in em
[10:26] Ruby: you gonna have to hold on tight then
[10:26] Manly yep I can manage that
[10:27] Ruby grins wickedly
[10:27] Manly: are you a brit?
[10:27] Ruby: ah huh
[10:28] Ruby: you mean my hat didn’t disguise me?
[10:28] Manly: lol
[10:28] Ruby: dammit!
[10:28] Manly: i haven’t been looking at your hat to be honest
[10:28] Ruby: just mesmerised by my ass?
[10:29] Manly: yep
[10:29] Manly: ow
[10:29] Manly: it’s a cute one you have to admit it
[10:29] Ruby almost blushes… but slaps her ass instead and winks at you
[10:29] Ruby: feels great too
[10:30] Manly: lol I’m starving
[10:30] Manly: i wanna take a bite of your arse
[10:30] Ruby: oooh…. *bends over slowly, moving my hips mesmerisingly

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“ There must be something wrong with my eyes, I can’t take them off you. ”

author unkown

A Steamy Affair

coming up later, stay tuned……………………………………

French Host

 Franco and I have been friends for some time now.  Franco is good looking, knowledgeable  and very very hot.  We always love a good chat and our favorite subject is always sex.  My nymphomaniac tendencies coupled with his french dialect and A+ sexual desires make for a perfect romantic birthday interlude. 

I knew what I was going to give Franco for his birthday.  It was so practical I don’t know why it hadn’t occurred to me before.  I didn’t ponder long and climbed out of bed, showered, and threw my jeans and t-shirt.  Nothing else.  I grabbed a coffee to go,  jumped in my car, and headed up the expressway to Franco’s place….3 hours north into Canada.

I pushed the ringer as I balanced a bottle of Marojallia 2001 Margaux and and two neatly boxed slices of fresh mocha confection mystically ribboned with fresh hand picked raspberries and dribbles of Peruvian dark chocolate sauce.  Franco promptly escorted me inside taking my parcels and leading me into the sitting room.  I didn’t sit.  Neither did he.

I had phoned Franco en-route to let him know I was coming.  Franco was more than pleased and anticipated my arrival with vigor.  “Nice to see you, Franco.” I smiled.  Franco beamed and leaned in to kiss me. I’d had no breakfast that day and was really hungry, so I leaned in especially close for extras.  I felt myself sway a bit.  I felt him pull me in.  I saw stars streaming.  Oh, maybe it was candle light, either way, the flickering rays showered brilliantly upon us as we embraced in a slow deep kiss. 

Franco then scooped me up in his arms and carried me upstairs to his bedroom.  He continued to kiss me and I him as he placed me gingerly back down to standing.  My hunger grew stronger.  

"Vous etes tres belle et sexy" mon ami murmurer.  "Je suis heureux d’etre avec vous mon beutiful fleur.  Je vais vous tenir et de nourir tous vos desir.  Je vais vous donner lumiere."    Wow!  I had no clue what Franco was saying but the tone of his voice and the words that so fluently emitted from his lips sent a tingle circling up from a special place between my upper thighs and up and around like a tornado, swirling , taking, spreading, an intense glow.  Every sentence, every word, every syllable, radiating a pleasure I could not deny.

I couldn’t help then but to undo Franco’s belt, release it, and start pulling open his trouser lock.  Ha!  Some combination,  a simple button and a zipper.  No contest.  No language barrier.  Easy for me to enter into another world.  A world of intense pleasure driven by compatible desire of arousal.  I slide lower, resting on my knees, my hands grasping enormous implications.  I become engrossed in the moment, concentrating on ultimate delusions of grandeur.  All is good and big and filling.  My mouth now full of northern mountainous dreams.  Suckling streams of wet and swelled belonging. I don’t stop, I don’t want to stop.  The intensity grows and bulges with the realization of volcanic propensity.  Je suis enthousiasme intense.  Franco est si difficile qu’il est douleur dans ma bouche.  Il s’imposait a moi.  Il vient. Il vient.  Je avaleer comme il vient dans ma bouche.  Rivers flow strong amidst steadfast shores.  Earth and current swirl and pull and stroke and grasp and continue moving and motioning with the quest of elation until the final and exhausted spray of exhalation’s prevail.
Joyeux anniversaire Franco I smile as I collapse on his bed in contentment.  “Merci beaucoup femme seduisante.”  Franco smiled as he lit a cigarette and contentedly mouthed, “Wow, la meilleure anniversaire!”

 A votre sante!,

I       generally avoid temptation, unless I can’t resist it.

I generally avoid temptation, unless I can’t resist it.

Cafe OhYay

Danny DeVineman and I met randomly on a sunny but brisk March afternoon in NYC.  I dashed quickly through the door he was holding open for me to avoid a sudden icy gust of wind that started rushing up underneath my skirt hem.  I hated this time time of year up north.  I hated my daily two and a half hour train trip each way from  my home in the Capitol , to the city, and back again.   Only one thing saved me from certain insanity. My job as a microchip design and testing specialist for a world leading computer graphics company.  All my life I had been intrigued by technology and it never seemed to advance fast enough for my taste.  I  began to experiment with computers at an early age and eventually went on to receive my Phd in Physics.  I landed the job in the city after a long internship in a major university.  My mind was peaked.  My body had yet to discover the same glorious and tantalizing moments of invention.

Then I met Danny and all that changed.

A rose red silk scarf I had so carefully placed around my neck earlier now trailed behind me as I made a dash through the doorway.  Stumbling a bit, I attempted to maintain equilibrium. The frigid arctic chill that traveling up my thighs, high heeled boots I insisted on wearing, and frantically waving scarf all attempted to knock me off balance. 

"Miss! Your scarf!"  I heard from behind me.  

There was something in Danny’s voice that made me know,  even before I turned , that I wanted, no, needed to know more about this man. I swiveled a bit clumsily to realign myself and reached out to take hold of my scarf.  He was smiling a sweet smile as he let his hand brush momentarily on mine.  The station was getting busy yet all seemed a blur, somewhat hushed.  I smiled back, one of my biggest grins I reserved for my most flirtatious moments.  Something light and fluttery  started to warm me from deep inside my core and radiated up and out and down.    

"Thanks."  I managed to blurt out though my tongue and lips found it difficult to emulate the one word my mind was trying to coax out of them.  My smile grew as his did and as I turned and as if in a dream, nearly floated toward my train, Danny sprinted up behind me and lightly touched my arm to ground me.

"Pardon me, and forgive me if I seem a bit forward, would you have time for a coffee or tea or something?"  Danny questioned with a reserved yet hopeful grin.  I agreed as that  awakening sensation began to emerge again from within and I knew it wasn’t the coffee or tea I wanted from his list of choices.

The train home was enveloped in thoughts of the next meeting that was to take place with Danny and me on his next trip to the city the following month.  

A lovely spring day burst with tree blossoms and flowers blooming in pots and small street gardens.  Birds gathered with the people by the fountains and benches looking for bits and pieces of easy sustenance.   The city was alive and busy.  I finished work early that Friday and headed out through the bustling lunch crowd and energetically walked the ten blocks, heels and all, to the quaint little romantic cafe Danny had picked to meet.  

We chose a corner booth and sat close to one another.  The emails we shared the previous four weeks only heightened the interest and intensity of that day.  We shared many commonalities in our marriages and our careers though what we shared most was our sexual desires.  We both knew as we sat sipping dry martinis and barely eating any of the food we ordered, what was about to transpire.  

Danny and I laughed and talked and it was just me and him in the room  surrounded in our bubble of excitement.  The drinks flowed easily. I flipped off my shoes under the table and started finding my way up Danny’s pant leg.  We kissed , lightly at first, pushing our lips together.  I placed my leg over his and Danny slid his hand to my inner thigh, moving slowly up and down.  I was getting so hot and I pressed my lips harder into his, feeling him with my tongue, taking everything I could get within the constraint of our public display.  I caught a glimpse of the couple next to us.  Their glares weren’t happy with how outwardly sexual we were.  We didn’t care.  We needed this.  We wanted each other.  We………………

" Are you ready for your bill sir?"  the waiter burst in with a knowing smile.   

Arm in arm, Danny and I set out to find a cab.  I sat in Danny’s lap with my arms around him all the way to somewhere on 54th street.  His brother, Ward, kept a top floor suite to use when he wasn’t traveling the world on business or meeting his girlfriend in some exotic location for a weekend of hot sex on the beach, according to Danny.

I waited as Danny fumbled through his multitude of keys trying to find the one to Wards apartment.  He dropped the keys twice before finally finding the right one.  We giggled and laughed as we finally stumbled in.  Wards apartment was huge by NYC standards.  A sprawling open living area filled with light and plants.  A rooftop jacuzzi added to romantic setting as the sun began its slow decent past the horizon.  Danny and I began kissing again.  Deep tongued kisses.  I reached down and pulled his shirt out of his pants and pushed my hands upwards on his back then pressed my nails gently into him on the way down.  I felt him shudder and press closer into me as he ran his hand over my breast then down toward my hip then around onto my ass and then grabbed me and pulled me into him.  We were entangled in passionate embrace of feelings and emotions and lust.   Danny picked me up and carried me downstairs to his brothers bedroom then set me ever so carefully onto his brothers bed.  After taking off his own shirt he reached over and slowly unbuttoned mine and began kissing my neck then my breasts.  He continued to work his way down with each button undone until finally my top was off.  Danny didn’t stop though and proceeded to slowly unzip my skirt and pull it down, kissing again as he removed it.  He kissed my naval and licked around it then went straight down to the crease in my thigh, and completely and purposefully bypassing the place I wanted him most, he  kissed me down one thigh and up the other bypassing again, then up to my breasts and my mouth.  He lay on top of me and he was hard and ready.  I spread my legs wide and let him go in me.  He slid deep into my wetness and and back out again slowly at first.  I pressed into him begging him for more.  I felt his heat ,  his throbbing rod of fire inside me pumping faster now  and I responded , pushing my self onto him harder.  He filled me and I let him in completely.  Taking what I so wanted and giving back all of me.  We turned and I rode him pressing my self further and deeper and faster.  I couldn’t hold back the feeling that was welling up inside.  I felt Danny begin to release and it made me hotter.  I was with him in this moment in every way.  I rode him harder and began to scream out loud the ecstasy I was feeling and didn’t stop screaming until i was finished and he was finished.  

Then, I collapsed on Danny’s brothers bed and wondered if Ward would mind we used it for that.  We held each other in our sweat and our delivered sweetness and kissed and touched and felt.   The next morning,  at the train station,  Danny held the door open for me and smiled the same sweet smile as I passed through with a big flirty smile in return.  Then we kissed goodbye before I hopped on the train back home.

Toot Toot! ,


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FRENCH HOST………….See what this hot French Canadian gets for his birthday! 

CAFE OH YAY………..A quaint NYC restaurant and his brothers midtown apartment are all this couple needs for a memorable romantic interlude. 

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A STEAMY AFFAIR…………A continuation of the beach friends escapades. Showers and soap included, this is a very clean flirt : )  ……

"I’m feeling a little bit off today, anyone want to turn me on?"

"I’m feeling a little bit off today, anyone want to turn me on?"

Flirting with Laura

Laura is currently and shall always remain my BFF.  Since we met that day, Laura and I have had a special connection.  We relate on many topics and laugh and dance for hours on end.  Laura is compassionate, kind, and loving.   She is also extremely sexy both in body and mind and has the hottest accent of any woman I know.  Laura is a real man’s lady and her black book is full with suitors mesmerized by her beauty and charm.  We’ve done most everything together in this past year since we’ve met and have developed quite a tight bond.  Though we’ve never had sex alone together (sorry guys/girls) we did recently have an unexpected threesome with a very nice gentleman, David Wayfar.

Wow is all I can say of that night……It started out innocently enough.  Dancing at a club the three of us, laughing ,  sweating,  touching a bit as we got closer.  I think David was a bit shocked at first , since we’ve all known each other some time and have only been cordial with one another.  This night was different.  This night, I wanted it (though to be honest, it was Eddie I really wanted, but I’d never let him know, and besides it had been weeks since he’d been around and he had some girlfriend or something anyway)  and Laura wanted it (she’s always horny) and we felt it between us in our touches and saw it in our dance and heard it in our sensual comments.  There was no mercy in my thoughts as I concentrated on David.  Laura concentrated too.  David had yet to discover the non fictitious nature of these current events.   Clueless to what was about to happen, David continued to dance. 

We all had some drinks at the bar and chatted and laughed.  The room soon became a cavern of sorts in my vision.  All around me was dark and distorted.  Laura and David in front of me smiling,  hair a bit damp from the heat, bodies warm, radiating sexual tension.  No question now.  We all want it.  “Let’s go.”  Laura invitingly requested after the final sip from her iced tea. David and I complied and we walked as three out of the club.  

We fit comfortably close in David’s two seat-er.  I chose the middle near the shifter as I require the extra attention.  We joked and laughed all the way to Lauras apartment and I leaned close to each depending on which turn we made and Laura would grab hold of me on any abrupt stop David would make.   The vibrations of the car, the pounding of the clutch, the shift of the gears along with the warm bodies pressed up against me and the giddiness of us all…..was driving me crazy.

I could feel a warm glow growing with the intensity of a fire starting to burn out of control.  That feeling was moving straight up my inner thigh where David’s arm was resting on the stick shift , up through to the central core of orgasmic pleasure yet to be discovered that night.  I was positive my two friends were feeling the same at that very moment.  It wasn’t long before we arrived at Laura’s flat.  Still laughing and high, we stumbled in,  Laura grabbed us some drinks and David and I began to kiss in the still dark hallway.  He was grabbing my breast over my thin silky blouse and pressing up against me , bulging below his waist.  I let him.  It felt good and hot and hard.   Pressing his lips into mine, we surrendered to the moment,  his hands rubbing my breasts now falling out of my top, I can feel the wetness coming through his pants now.   

Laura comes down the hall with the drinks now and pushes us playfully toward her bedroom.  We all land on a heap on her bed , hot and wet from excitement.  As David is taking his clothes off, I begin to kiss Laura lips, gentle, slow, feeling her hardened nipples first with my hand,  then next with my tongue as i swirl tiny circles right before I start sucking them.  Laura starts moaning and David lifts her dress to reveal her,  glistening with pleasure.  The rest of the evening was a blur of feelings and movements many of which I have never experienced before.  The three of us entangled in a web of passion and heat and desire.  Finally, as the morning sun began to beam lazily through the half drawn curtains,  we rested in contentment from the pleasures we gave and received.  Me in the middle once again,  my back side pressed up against Davids as I snuggle close to my BFF, Laura,  and fall into a deep, contented sleep.

night night!